Everything in the iSPY Lab is project based. Dr. Jones is currently working on three main projects: writing a history of digital consent, teasing out the use of tech history in tech policy with Sarah Bell and Joyce Yang, and working to develop the theory, research, and practice of feminist cyberlaw with Amanda Levendowski at Georgetown Law Center.

Additionally, the Lab will be hosting a number of Fritz Fellows for 2021-2022 working to generate collaborative efforts on:

1) professional standards for technologist with Julie Cohen at the Law Center,

2) fostering the Global Technet program with Anupam Chander and April Doss at the Law Center,

3) investigating issues and new frameworks at the intersection of privacy, property, and machine learning with Paul Ohm at the Law Center and Kobbi Nissim in Computer Science, and

4) developing a theoretical and practical shift away from technological paradigm of control toward one of care with the Ethics Lab

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