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Disco Ball

The DiscoTech space is where random things happen. Smaller projects (or huge thesis projects!) or those that are not academic in nature or output live here. We've got projects that take you in and out of building your own BBS system, a list of school surveillance vendors, buttons, etc.

  • Tracking down and collecting wayward programs, data, and algorithms from failed tech efforts to add to our growing archive (with Fiona Richards)
  • FOIAing Privacy Act requests and reports from agencies with Paul James, Fiona Richards, and KC Ashiogwu
  • Working with the Day One Project and the New America Public Interest Technologies University Network to get rid of cookie notifications around the world in 2021
  • Analyzing Congressional hearings to highlight construction of COMPUTING CHARACTERS (with Joyce Yang)
  • #VoyeurSaxa is in the works! 
  • Kevin Ackermann created a draft Content Moderation Course Syllabus
  • Jenny Lee's CCT thesis analyzes the use of Panopto at Georgetown Law Center, investigating how surveillance is integrated into workplaces to monitor highly empowered, educated, and privacy-aware employees. What Do the Guards Think? Tracing the Discourse of Employee Surveillance in Academic Institutions.
  • Kevin Ackermann's CCT thesis analyzes four stages of network technologies (BBSs, Online Services, early web forums, and contemporary social media platforms) looking at the privacy protocols and practices in relation to the content moderation practices. THE OLD PUPPET MASTERS: CONTENT MODERATION ON COMPUTER BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS.
  • Kevin Ackermann details how to set up and troubleshoot your own BBS system HERE.
  • Find a list of school surveillance vendors - put together by Jenny Lee for her independent study in Fall 2019.
  • My Terms of Service Button.” Privacy Design Forecast 2019, Harvard Kennedy School, Shorenstein Center - a partnership with Ethics Lab designers Sydney Lukas and Jonathan Healey. 
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