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Content Moderation & Identity

The process of deciding what expression can or cannot be said in the United States has always been a difficult task. Throughout the course of the 20th century, court cases constantly refined and reinterpreted the bedrock of the First Amendment. Courts and legal battles were the content moderators for expression within the United States. Now, as Kate Klonick would say, there are New Governors of expression. As the power to moderate digital expression moves to private entities, how do citizens appeal when their speech is moderated? How did this shift in expressive power occur? How does one’s identity shift as their expression is under the whim of corporate governors? We aim to find out.

  • Kevin Ackermann's CCT thesis analyzes two stages of network technologies (BBSs and Online Services) looking at content moderation and practices in order to better understand the contemporary debates around platform liability in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Forthcoming 2020.
  • Jones, Meg Leta and Kevin Ackermann. "Practicing Privacy on Other Networks: Identification Protocols, Standards, and Strategies Before Cookies." Under review.
  • Jones, Meg Leta. "Silencing Bad Bots: Global, Legal, and Political Questions for Mean Machine Communication.” Communication Law & Policy 23, no. 2 (2018): 159-195.
  • Jones, Meg Leta. Ctrl+Z: The Right to be Forgotten. NYU Press 2016. 
  • Ambrose, Meg Leta. “Speaking of Forgetting: Analysis of Possible Non-EU Responses to the Right to be Forgotten and Speech Exception.” Telecommunications Policy 38 (2014): 800-811.
  • Ambrose, Meg Leta. “It’s About Time: Privacy, Information Lifecycles, and the Right to be Forgotten.” Stanford Technology Law Review 16 (2013): 369-422.
  • Ambrose, Meg Leta, and Jef Ausloos. “The Right to be Forgotten Across the Pond.” Journal of Information Policy 3 (2013): 1-23.
Select Events and Presentations
  • Dr Jones presented work on comparative laws for algorithmically generated content at the International Communication Association (May 25-28, 2017) Communicating with Machines preconference
  • Dr Jones presented "Silencing Bad Bots" at the Information Ethics Roundtable (April 21-22, 2017)
Related ongoing and completed projects
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